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Memorandum PUoT - Ministry of Urban Development and Turism (MUDT)

Created: 21 March 2014 Published Date Hits: 5320

On March, 05, 2014, in the premises of Ministry of Urban Development and Turism the Memorandum of Understanding was signed between Ministry of Urban Development and Turism (MUDT) and Polytechnic University of Tirana (PUoT).

On behalf of MUDT, the Memorandum was signed by Mrs. Eglantina GJERMENI, Minister. On behalf of PUoT , the Memorandum was signed by Academician Jorgaq KAÇANI, Rector of PUoT.

The respective ceremony was attended by many high representatives from MUDT and PUoT, as well as by representatives from written and electronic media.

Mrs. GJERMENI and Mr. KAÇANI discussed about the importance of this cooperation of reciprocal interest and pointed out the necessity of preparing a plan for its realization.

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