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Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

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Dean: Prof.Dr Genti Guxho

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Brief history of FME

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering is the first Higher School in Albania for the preparation of high specialists in the field of Mechanics, Metalurgy and Materials, as well as Fashion Textile. Preparation of high specialists of mechanical engineering in Albania dates from 1951 in the mechanical branch which was a constituent part of the Higher Polytechnic Institute until 1957, the year when with the establishment of Tirana University, it became a constituent part of it. Until 1991, the year when the Polytechnic University was established the Mechanical Branch was a constituent part of the Faculty of Mechanical and Electrical engineering. The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering became an independant unit of Polytechnical University in 1991. In 1999, with the organization of the first democratic elections in the universities, its reorganization was made as follows: 


Department of Energy with the educational scientific groups as follows: 

  1. Mec Thermotechnics and Energy
  2. Thermofluid Machines and Thermotechnic Plants 

Department of Mechanics and the educational scientific groups as follows: 

  1. Mechanical Constructions and Mechanical Designing
  2. Transport Systems and Movable Vehicles 

Departament of Production Management with the educational scientific groups as follows: 

  1. Mechanical Technology and Management
  2. Engineering Graphics
  3. Materials and Metalurgy 

Department of Textile and Fashion




  • BACHELOR in Mechanical Engineering
  • BACHELORin Textile and Fashion Engineering
  • BACHELORin Materials Engineering

 Master of Science: 

Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering 

  • Energy Profile
  • Machine Construction and Movable Vehicles Profile
  • Industrial Production and Management Profile 

Master of Science in Textile and Fashion Engineering 

Master of Science in Materials Engineering 

  • Materials Profile
  • Metalurgy and Foundry Profile 


Phd in Mechanical Engineering profile