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Institute of Geo-sciences and Energy, Water and Environment

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Director: Prof.Asc. Fatos Hoxhaj

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 The mission of the Institute of Geosciences and Energy, Water and Environment, (IGEWE) is:

  1. Basic, Applied and Scientific Research
  2. Deep University Education for the Students and scientists;
  3. Services to third parties in the field of Seismology, and Transfer of Knowledge and Technologies, in the areas of Seismology, Natural Resources, Geo-risks, Geo-engineering and Geo-information.
  4. Services to third parties and transfer of knowledge and technology in the field of energy, water, environment and climate

Main duties of IGEWE:

  1. Estimation of natural energy potentials and especially, the forms of renewable energy;
  2. Estimation of energy transforming capacities, environmental impact and drafting of national programs for gas release (Kioto Protocol).
  3. Prediction of atmospheric processes and phenomena of weather and climate, as well as extraordinary atmospheric phenomena.
  4. Examination of the environment situation and the tendencies of its polution;
  5. Examination of the water assets for the hydroenergety, hydrotechnics and waterfront works of high risks and environmental impact.
  6. University education, especially in the Second and Third Cycle of Studies, and scientific qualification of young researchers.


  1. Department of Geo-Resources and Geo-Environment;  
  2. Department of Regional  and Engineering Geophysics; 
  3. Department of Seismology; 
  4. Department of Water Economy and Renewable Energy; 
  5. Department of Climate and Environment.