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  • 30 projects (TEMPUS + CEPUS), in the area of curriculum development and reform programs, supported studies and teaching in the area of process engineering.
  • 46 projects have been supported by the World Bank and the Albanian Government, which are mainly used for infrastructure improvement and scientific development.
  • 30 projects research and development.
  • 49 projects from Excellence Fund.
  • 16 other projects are supported by FP6, FP7, IPA, ECOPORT
  • 80 references to scientific activities abroad
  • 140 references to scientific activities within the country
  • Number of congress / scientific conferences, national and international, organized by the Polytechnic University since its creation, over 200.
  • 7 Doctorate Schools (approximately 200 PhD students)

2006- 2011 Publication of over 100 books and textbooks and over 250 scientific articles in Albania and abroad.


Since 1970 the University brought its scientific edition "Bulletin of Technical Sciences", which were published over 1600 scientific articles.