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Memorandum PUoT - Northeastern University (NEU) of Shenyang and Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (XIAUAT) in China

Created: 23 September 2011 Published Date Hits: 6683

A delegation headed by the Rector of the Polytechnic University, the Academician Mr. Jorgaq Kaçani and Prof. Frederik Premti, Vice-rector for the International Relations and Science visited the Northeastern University (NEU) of Shenyang, China with a special invitation on the part of the president of the Northeastern University of Shenyang, Mr. Lieyun DING. This visit focused on the broadening of the possibilities for cooperation in fields of common interest between the two Universities and for the signing of a Cooperation Memorandum.

 The visit took place from August 28 to September 5, 2011.

During the stay in Shenyang, the PUoT delegation visited the scientific park NEUSOFT, a highly reputable scientific park in China and abroad.

During the visit in this University, the PUoT delegation was received by the NEU president, Prof. Lieyun Ding, Prof. Zhang Tingan, the dean of the School of Material and Metallurgy (SMM), Prof. Miaoyong ZHU, the Vice-Dean of the SMM, Prof. Min JIANG, Vice-dean of the SMM, Prof. Chengdong WU, Vice-Dean of the School of Information Science & Engineering. The head of the Artificial Intelligence Institute & Robotics, the head of the International Relations Section Wu TIEYAN, Prof. Engineer Min Chen, head of the Iron Metallurgy Department, in the School of the Materials and Metallurgy, etc.The MoU between the two Universities was signed on this occassion.

The delegation also visited two Technical Universities: Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology (XIAUAT) and Anhui University of Technology (AHUT), in Ma’anshan.

On the visit in the Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, our delegation was received by the President of the University Mr. Delong XU, Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering, Prof. Jiping HAO, Vice-president of XAUAT, Mr, Zhao LEI, Vice-director of the International Exchange and Cooperation and representatives of the International Relations Directorate, Deans and Heads of Departements. A Mutual Cooperation Agreement was also signed with this University.

The delegation of the PUoT was received by Prof. Lan YUJIE, Council President, The Vice-president Prof. LI JIAXIN, Vice-president Prof. Wei XIANWEN, Prof. Dai YUCHUN, Head of the Preseident’s office, Prof. As. Chen XILIN, Head of the International Relations Office, Prof. Wang JIANJUN, Dean of the Metallurgy and resources School, Mr. Hu SHAN GUI, Head of the Section in the International Relations Office in AHUT.

Our delegation was warmly welcome by the Chinese partners. A willingness to strengthen the relations on students’ and professors’ exchange programs as well as the participation in shared projects was clearly stated.

The visit in the Chinese Universities was made possible with the personal help of Prof. XiaoZEQIANG, who taught in our University from 1973-1974.